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Docker Security Guide

Docker is an amazing tool to use in development, testing in production but securing your containers is one of the most important things to learn and put in practice. You may think that you should learn Docker, put in production then secure your cluster .. but security is neither a product, nor an afterthought, It's A Process

This guide will help you in setting up the best practices in order to secure your containers and production systems !

This Is What You Are Going To Learn:

  • An Introduction to Docker and Docker Security
  • An Example of Hacking the Host Machine from Docker
  • Namespaces and Isolation
  • Docker and Control Groups
  • Docker and Capabilities
  • Seccomp Security Profiles
  • Docker and User Namespaces
  • Linux Security Modules
  • Distribution and Content Trust
  • Security Scanning
  • Networking and Security
  • Docker Security Tools
  • Docker Security Best Practices and Deployment Guidelines
  • Docker Possible Threats
  • Security isn't an Afterthought, It's a Process - DevSecOps
  • Summary

  • Adopt Docker best practices and save money now for a tiny price
    * Painless Docker Security Guide will be released on June 2018


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Drop me an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

    What do I need this guide?

    Security is important in general and it's critical when it comes to containers and running containerized applications. This guide will help understand how Docker security mechanisms work in order to implement them, harden your security levels and avoid disasters.

    Why the price is discounted ?

    For two reasons.
    1) I am offering this price to Painless Docker participants.
    2) This is a pre-order. Once the guide is released, the price will increase.

    What payment services do you support?

    You can use your bank card but if you want to use other payment method, just send me an email.

    Do I need an experience with Docker to follow your course ?

    This guide is complementary to Painless Docker training. You'll need a basic knowledge about Docker.

    I think this course is expensive !

    If you think that the efforts that I've done during very long hours of work are not a good argument, think just about the security incidents you may have in your containerized applications !

    Other questions?

    Please let me know.